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Vine House Distribution



“We are delighted with the services that Vine House has provided over – soon to be – four years. They have great awareness for the needs of a small publisher, together with an efficient sales and distribution network.”

Function Books

“Vine House is a delight to deal with. They are wholly professional and have a wealth of knowledge about the business of distribution which they are very happy to share in a proactive way. Beyond that, on a personal level, they are always supportive and encouraging. It is daunting entering a new market, and we would have found it extremely difficult without the backing of the Vine House team.”

Criteria Publishing

“Vine House have provided us with an efficient and valuable sales and distribution service since 1996.”

Silent But Deadly Publications

“Vine House has provided a sales and distribution service to the Australian B&B Book for over eight years and have always offered a high level of customer service.”

Inn Australia

“Despite being half a world away, Vine House Distribution has always been responsive to my queries. Excellent communication is a key feature in any business relationship, and Vine House fulfills this need splendidly.”


“We are very pleased with the relationship we share with Vine House. We have found their service to be dependable, friendly and efficient.”

J W McKenzie

“Vine House, having been MRP’s distributor for 12 years, has demonstrated that a small, enthusiastic, friendly and efficient team is ideally suited to the requirements of a specialist publisher such as ourselves.”

Motor Racing Publications

“We have been very happy with Vine House’s friendly and efficient service, which has definitely contributed to the success of our publication.”

Brighton & Hove City Libraries

“We have been distributed by Vine House Distribution Ltd since 1999 and find their professional competence, support and advice invaluable.”

Honeyglen Publishing

“Vine House has always been a pleasure to deal with. My books do not generate them (or me) a great deal of income, but they have always taken as much care over them, in promotion and distribution, as if they were a long-lost Harry Potter.”

Oval Publishing and Bearmondsey Publishing

“Richer Publishing was lucky to find Vine House at the start of our publishing career; our titles are exclusively distributed through them and they have helped guide us in various aspects of publishing. They are a small, friendly team who are great to work with and more than happy to find the time to explain things and point you in the right direction of any information you seek.”

Richer Publishing

“We are delighted to be represented by Vine House for sales and distribution.”

Umbria Press

“We came to Vine House as we needed a distribution and sales organisation prepared to take on a one book publisher with zero knowledge or experience!”

Turn End Trust

“A huge amount of books on whisky and other spirits are being published every year and it is not always an easy task to get noticed. With the help of Vine House Distribution over the years, I can safely say that the Malt Whisky Yearbook has become one of the most well-known guides on the subject in the UK.”

Magdig Media

“Over the many years Vine House has represented our list they have been receptive and courteous to our many questions and inquiries, capably assisted our marketing efforts, and greatly expanded the market for our books in Europe. In short, Vine House is an effective, and friendly, partner.”

Wine Appreciation Guild

“Easy On The Eye Books were pleased with the attitude and enthusiasm of Vine House to our initial proposals, and as a new publisher have found them helpful and supportive.”

Easy On The Eye

“Getting the distribution right is key in publishing, and we feel very fortunate in having the services of Vine House Distribution. The support has always been great and just a phone call away. As a small publisher their help has been invaluable.”

Puck Books

“We have used Vine House for many years. They provide a professional service in a personable manner which is something that sets them apart from their competitors.”


“Throughout our working relationship Vine House has proved quick to respond to our queries, friendly and reliable.”

Oxbridge Applications

“We have been a client of Vine House for more than 17 years and have had consistently excellent service from them for the whole period.”

Dance Books

“For twelve years Vine House Distribution Ltd has given Saxon Books courteous, friendly, efficient service.”

Saxon Books