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Arkbound Foundation

Arkbound Foundation

Arkbound Foundation is a charity that supports people from a range of diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds to publish books that cover important environmental and social themes. Our books include poetry by people with direct experience of homelessness, accounts of climate change from indigenous communities, stories by people with disabilities and many others.

List of titles available to buy www.arkfound.org

At One Communications

At One Communications

At One Communications is an independent award-winning publisher focused on natural history, travel and tribal art.

List of titles available to buy www.BeyondExtinction.AtOne.org

Aves Press

Aves Press

Aves Press is a specialist publisher of books and periodicals in zoology (especially in ornithology) — mainly for the dedicated amateur or the professional scientist, and for university and museum libraries.

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Baquis Press

Baquis Press

Founded in 2007 by Robert and Jane Waterhouse, Baquis Press highlighted work by young Ethiopian artists in two lively educational primers; recorded 50 years of Ethiopia’s leading domestic NGO, inspired by Leonard Cheshire, working with post-polio issues in ‘Steps for Life’; and told the story of journalist Ian Breach’s 1,000 Humanist ceremonies in ‘Singular People’. ‘Their Safe Haven’ expands on Robert Waterhouse’s interest in Hungarian artists which led to ‘Jean-Georges Simon: Hungary to England, an artist’s Odyssey’, published in 2005 by the trust set up to keep Simon’s work intact.

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Barefoot Coaching

Barefoot Coaching

Barefoot Coaching is one of the UK’s leading coaching and coach training companies. Managing Director and master coach Kim Morgan has created a range of Coaching Cards that demystify coaching and make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to adopt coaching questions in their everyday lives.

List of titles available to buy www.barefootcoachingcards.co.uk

Book Systems Plus

Book Systems Plus was incorporated in 1989, initially providing consultancy to the publishing industry and then quickly moving into book distribution and marketing for small independent publishers both in the UK and overseas.

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British Cartographic Society

The British Cartographic Society has promoted maps and mapmaking since it was founded in 1963 and today it is a dynamic organisation of professionals and amateurs united by their enthusiasm for cartography. Our membership comprises international corporations, national mapping organisations, cartographic companies, software producers, libraries, universities, schools, and several hundred individuals.

List of titles available to buy www.cartography.org.uk

Contemporary Watercolours

We were founded in 1987 as Contemporary Watercolours Ltd, a specialist fine art publishing company producing limited edition prints of Oxford and Cambridge Colleges and leading British Independent Schools. As a spin off, we produced six books featuring these watercolours with historical notes on the colleges and schools, by Malcolm Horton, a regular contributor to “Bygone Kent” and “This England”. After 25 years we branched out into pure historical publishing under the trade name “Oakweald” with a biography of Sir Charles Igglesden “Sauntering Though Kent” by Malcolm Horton and “Oxford’s Strangest Tales”.

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Crossbill Guides

The Crossbill Guides Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which aims to increase public involvement with nature conservation. By producing a series of enthusing and insightful nature guidebooks, the foundation takes ecotourists on a journey to Europe’s most valuable natural areas. The guides present a unique formula that combines practical tourist information with watching birds, plants and wildlife.

List of titles available to buy www.crossbillguides.org

Dance Books

Dance Books is the UK’s only company devoted solely to the publishing of books and related materials on dance and human movement. It has been publishing books for more than 40 years.

List of titles available to buy Back List of titles available to buy www.dancebooks.co.uk

“We have been a client of Vine House for more than 17 years and have had consistently excellent service from them for the whole period.”

Dove Publishing

Dove Publishing Ltd has produced books on cars and motoring since 1994. They include technical histories, biographies and special slip-cased editions of award-winning titles written by editorial director Eric Dymock. His long experience and extensive archives have contributed to the detailed accuracy for which Dove books have established a notable reputation.

List of titles available to buy www.dovepublishing.co.uk

Europe Books

We live in a time of great political and social changes, of liquid boundaries and cultural contaminations. This context makes it inevitable that literatures rapidly lose their national connotation and gain a more extended European trait.
Over the past 15 years, we have established our leadership by reaching a wider audience which is not confined to the Italian borders. We opened branch offices in the main European capitals. Both our bestselling writers and emerging authors are published simultaneously in Italy, Spain, Germany and, from now on, in England as well. France and the United States are our next goals.


Focal Point Press

Focalpoint Press publishes books about Political Science and Economics exclusively recommended and financed by the London Japan Institute, an independent think tank. Its first title On the Theory of Chinese Ideology by Tony Kosuge on the fault lines in the East Asian political systems was published in hardback in 2012.

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Francisco O Santos

With a background in rally driving and motorsport journalism, Francisco Santos has been an author and publisher of motorsport books for over 50 years.

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Function Books

Function Books is the publishing arm of independent record label Function Records. The imprint was set up in 2012 and the first publication Over The Border- The Other East End by Neil Fraser came out in August 2012.

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Garmoran Publishing

Garmoran is the area of land including Moidart and Ardnamuchan in the Scottish West Highlands. Our aim is to bring you literature from writers associated with this magical area.

List of titles available to buy www.garmoranpublishing.com



IndieBooks is an independent publisher committed to producing books that are a pleasure to own and to give. As an artisan publisher, we try and find the best ingredients, from the finest writers and illustrators right through to the care taken with editing and design and printing. We want our readers and authors to have the reassurance that every book we publish is produced to the highest standards.

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Julian Calder Publishing

Julian Calder Publishing

Julian Calder Publishing specialises in photographic books for the general trade and on private commission. Our books are designed and produced by an award-winning team of photographers, designers and typographers who have extensive knowledge of photographic and picture reproduction. We pay great attention to every aspect of the production of our books and the results, whether a limited edition or a run of thousands, are beautifully produced bespoke titles.

List of titles available to buy www.juliancalderpublishing.com/

Magdig Media

Publishers of Malt Whisky Yearbook, the authoritative book that whisky enthusiasts worldwide look forward to each autumn. Now in its 17th edition, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2022 is as much an essential reference guide as a book to read for pleasure.

List of titles available to buy www.maltwhiskyyearbook.com

“A huge amount of books on whisky and other spirits are being published every year and it is not always an easy task to get noticed. With the help of Vine House Distribution over the years, I can safely say that the Malt Whisky Yearbook has become one of the most well-known guides on the subject in the UK.”

Meru Publishing Ltd

Publishers of Ethiopia – Traveller’s Handbook, Meru Publishing specialises in publishing books about Ethiopia. Meru Publishing aids authors in the process of publishing their works from initial manuscript through design and printing to distribution, marketing and sales.

List of titles available to buy www.merupublishing.com

Motor Racing Publications

Motor Racing Publications Ltd is a specialist publisher of books on motor sport and classic and high-performance road cars. Whenever possible subjects are chosen for their long shelf life and a number of MRP books have achieved ‘classic’ status and become award winners. Recently the emphasis has been on autobiographies of significant motor racing personalities.

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“Vine House, having been MRP’s distributor for 12 years, has demonstrated that a small, enthusiastic, friendly and efficient team is ideally suited to the requirements of a specialist publisher such as ourselves.”

Oxbridge Applications

Founded in 1999, Oxbridge Applications is an independent, research-based education consultancy, providing students, parents and teachers with subject-focused support and advice on applying to Oxford and Cambridge. To date, we have supported over 55,000 students with their applications, in the UK and abroad, as well as over 300 schools. We publish the compendium of applying to Oxbridge: So you want to go to Oxbridge…Tell me about a banana and a textbook to help students with the TSA: Think You Can Think?

List of titles available to buy www.oxbridgeapplications.com

“Throughout our working relationship Vine House has proved quick to respond to our queries, friendly and reliable.”


Pravum is an independent publisher specializing in fiction that explores themes of femininity, sex, art, death and most importantly, humour.


Psychology News

Psychology News is a film and TV production company as well as a publisher. Our multi media empire operates from the living room of David Cohen who founded the company in 1979 in his kitchen. He has written 36 books including the best seller Diana Death of a Goddess (Century) and Psychologists on Psychology (Routledge) and made 100 TV programmes as well as feature films including The Pleasure Principle starring Peter Firth and Dead Cool starring Roseanna Arquette. Our policy is one that only a small press can manage today. We publish what appeals to our taste and books we think deserve to get out there in the crowded, competitive marketplace.

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Puck Books

Taking as its inspiration the character Puck from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck Books is a publishing house dedicated to books about theatre. We publish fiction and non-fiction, including the very successful humorous backstage novels of Davina Elliott and Mary Hasbury’s handbook for drama groups.

List of titles available to buy www.puckbooks.com

“Getting the distribution right is key in publishing, and we feel very fortunate in having the services of Vine House Distribution. The support has always been great and just a phone call away. As a small publisher their help has been invaluable.”

Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. They publish titles including Foundations of Classical Ballets Technique and Dance Class Anthology.

List of titles available to buy www.rad.org.uk

Saxon Books

Saxon Books is a small publishing company specialising in war poetry and international affairs. Anthologies of First World War poetry, Minds at War and Out in the Dark have been particularly successful. The latest anthology is Falklands War Poetry. The company’s website is top of search engine lists for ‘war poetry’.

List of titles available to buy www.warpoetry.uk

“For twelve years Vine House Distribution Ltd has given Saxon Books courteous, friendly, efficient service.”

Silent But Deadly Publications

Publisher specialising in cartoon-illustrated humour books, including gift books for specific occasions such as birthdays, marriage, pregnancy, new babies etc.

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“Vine House have provided us with an efficient and valuable sales and distribution service since 1996.”

Squad Gigantic

Squad Gigantic is a unique publishing company that has created a new superhero universe merging UK culture with intergalactic themes. SG is led by a dynamic collective rich in fresh ideas on breaking the mould. Its ethos is to EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN and INSPIRE.

List of titles available to buy www.squadgigantic.com

Startup Finance

Startup Finance is a startup publishing house based in Scotland. As a publishing house, we are specialised in books aiming at supporting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship education research.

List of titles available to buy www.startup-finance.co.uk

Triumph Press

Publishing exciting books written by smart risk-taking people committed to a better world.


Umbria Press

Umbria Press is a small publisher, specialising in books of biography, current affairs and the alternative culture, with about six new books each year. They are carefully selected. The biggest success to date is The Final Curtsey by Margaret Rhodes, a Royal memoir, which has sold nearly 30,000 copies.

List of titles available to buy www.umbriapress.co.uk

“We are delighted to be represented by Vine House for sales and distribution.”

Vineyard Books

Vineyard Books publishes quality commercial fiction. Their debut title, Somerville’s War, is the first fictional treatment of life at the famous Special Operations Executive ‘finishing school’ for spies, SOE Beaulieu in the New Forest. It’s also the first fully realised fictional portrait of master spy and traitor Kim Philby who lectured at SOE Beaulieu.

List of titles available to buy www.somervilleswar.com


WanderLearn Press specialises in books that encourage you to wander and learn. It is based in San Francisco, California.

List of titles available to buy www.WanderLearn.com

“Despite being half a world away, Vine House Distribution has always been responsive to my queries. Excellent communication is a key feature in any business relationship, and Vine House fulfills this need splendidly.”

White on Black Publishing

White on Black Publishing is an independent Kent based media company helping new and up-and-coming authors and artists to transform ideas and projects into reality. It currently specialises in producing an A6 series of quality hardback books in the “Tea Card” genre comprising narratives on specific subjects with full colour portraits to match.

List of titles available to buy www.whiteonblack.co.uk

Whittet Books

Whittet Books, founded about 50 years ago, is an independent publisher of natural history, wildlife and equine books. Best known for its popular series of monographs on British mammals and bird species, Whittet Books has also published for the charities People’s Trust for Endangered Species, The Tree Register and The Donkey Sanctuary.

List of titles available to buy

Windrush Publishing Services

Windrush Publishing Services is a small independent publisher based in the Cotswolds, specialising in literary biography, art history and matters of local interest. Its two directors are Geoffrey Smith the author of 100 Best Paintings in London and 100 Best Paintings in New York, and co-author with his fellow director, Victoria Huxley, of World Heritage Sites of Great Britain and Ireland.
Jane Austen & Adlestrop is their lead title for Spring 2013.

List of titles available to buy

Xerus Publishing

A new publishing venture intended to encourage new and original writing on cricket worldwide, and to raise English comic writing to heights never before attempted, let alone achieved. Its first title is Richard Heller’s comic novel The Prisoner Of Rubato Towers, an exotic and satiric account of life under lockdown in London. Xerus is the successor to Oval Publishing (which issued Richard’s successful first cricket novel A Tale Of Ten Wickets) and Bearmondsey Publishing, (which published its sequel The Network and Richard’s children’s book Membear Of Parliament).

List of titles available to buy

“Vine House have always been a pleasure to deal with. My books do not generate them (or me) a great deal of income, but they have always taken as much care over them, in promotion and distribution, as if they were a long-lost Harry Potter.”

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