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Vine House welcomes new Publisher

Vineyard Books have joined us, bringing their debut novel Somerville’s War, a melting pot of intrigue and counter-intrigue.  It is an untold tale of deception, betrayal and romance in the life of characters at SOE Beaulieu and the local community, which leads to a life-or-death climax in occupied France. Many of the events actually took place.

We look forward to working with this publisher. If you would like more information about their titles please contact us.

Vine House welcomes The Asia Collective

Vine House Distribution is pleased to welcome The Asia Collective, a cutting-edge pioneer in the fast-growing digital industry, who has established itself as Asia’s first influencer travel agency. They publish unique travel and dining guides for the world’s most exciting destinations.

The Asia Collective

The Happiness Tree is highly recommended

The Happiness Tree is proving to be a hit with education professionals and outdoor learning advocates.

The book, written by Danny English, illustrated by Miriam Hull and published by Holcombe Press, is available in shops and from online retailers now.  It is being recommended as a resource for people working with young children but is also described as ‘a heart-warming story for all ages’ and helps to ‘explore ideas about the environment, the fragility of nature and the need to be hopeful about the future’.

You can read reviews for the book here and an article ‘The magic of storytelling in Outdoor Learning’ which featured in The Institute for Outdoor Learning Horizons magazine can be read here.

You can buy The Happiness Tree – ISBN 9780993272967 – from your local bookseller:-Find Your Local Bookshop

“Every tree can be a happiness tree!”


New website for War Poetry

David Roberts, editor and publisher at Saxon Books, has updated his war poetry website, which can now be found at:-


The original site, which started in 1999, became the top-ranked war poetry website. The site required an upgrade and with that comes a new address. The old site at www.warpoetry.co.uk will be decommissioned.

Please visit the new website www.warpoetry.uk, where you will find information on poets and poems from the first world war and modern war, remembrance poems and others issues of war and peace.

Information on war poetry books, published by Saxon Books, can be found here:-

Titles from Saxon Books


If you would like any further information, please contact us.


Welcome to Holcombe Press

Vine House Distribution is very pleased to welcome Holcombe Press, an exciting and innovative independent micro publisher run by book lovers.
They publish across all genres in both fiction and non-fiction and their strategy is one of quality not quantity.
“Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.” – Stéphane Mallarmé

Vine House welcomes new Publishers

We are very pleased to welcome the following publishers to Vine House Distribution:-


Further details about their lists can be found on our Publishers page.



Superbrands 2018

SUPERBRANDS ANNUAL 2018 Superbrands Annual 2018

by Superbrands UK Limited
Published by The Centre for Brand Analysis                        

Superbrands Annual 2018 highlights brands from a wide range of sectors that have become the strongest and most iconic in their field. It explores how these brands have succeeded in reaching the top and pays tribute to their success.

The brands are voted for by marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of British consumers. There are two separate surveys: Consumer Superbrands (the UK’s strongest B2C brands) and Business Superbrands (the UK’s strongest B2B brands).

This book also offers an opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the important and highly topical discipline of branding, as well as a greater admiration for the brands themselves.

ISBN: 978 1 9997456 0 8
Publication Date: 28 March 2018
Price: £60.00   Hardback   136 pages
350+ colour images
Subject: Marketing/Advertising/Branding

For further information or to order copies please contact Vine House Distribution
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Available in the UK and Eire Only.

Horror at Halloween

Check out our titles which are perfect for some Halloween reading!

A major anthology of new and classic supernatural tales set in mysterious East Anglia.

Lonely dunes and marshes; ruined mills and lighthouses; unmarked tracks that lead you into the unknown………

No wonder so many of the masters of the English ghost story, from M.R. James to E.F. Benson, chose to set their tales in East Anglia. Now, for the first time, the writer Wayne Drew has brought together the very best stories from the ghost-ridden counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire in one volume. Some may be old friends; others have been out of print and lost for years.


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Coaching Cards for Grandparents


‘Our coaching cards give everyone access to what we know: asking good questions can improve our relationships with ourselves, our friends, our partners, our colleagues, our children and our grandchildren.’


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Meet the author – Jessamy Taylor

This month we bring you a short Q&A session from Jessamy Taylor, author of King’s Company, showcased in The People’s Book Prize Autumn Collection.

Can you briefly summarise your debut book, King’s Company.

King’s Company is a historical adventure story. William D’Amory is growing up in twelfth century England, during a time of civil war, when a chance encounter plunges him into a world of intrigue and betrayal. He meets new friends and dangerous enemies, and learns the truth about his father, as he is caught up in the fight for the throne of England itself.  The book explores the themes of friendship and betrayal, in a vivid and realistic historical setting.


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