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Vine House welcomes At One Communications

We are pleased to welcome At One Communications, an independent award-winning publisher focused on natural history, travel and tribal art.

Their first title with us, Beyond Extinction, is a visual celebration of life! It is a powerful exploration of life on Earth and where we fit as humans – “a fresh perspective of evolution, climate and the continuity of life on the planet.”  Read more…

Welcome to our two newest publishers

Vine House is very happy to welcome Contemporary Watercolours and Francisco O Santos. Both have been publishing for some years within their specialist genres. For more information please see our Publishers page.

Vine House welcomes new publisher, Squad Gigantic

Vine House Distribution is pleased to welcome Squad Gigantic.
They are a unique publishing company that has created a new superhero universe merging UK culture with intergalactic themes. You can find out more about them on our Publishers page.

Welcome to Julian Calder Publishing

Julian Calder PublishingWe are pleased to announce our new distribution agreement with Julian Calder Publishing, from this month. More information about their books can be found on our publishers page.

Welcome to Arkbound Foundation

Vine House Distribution is pleased to welcome Arkbound Foundation, a charity that supports people from a range of diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds. They publish books that cover important environmental and social themes, including poetry by people with direct experience of homelessness, accounts of climate change from indigenous communities, stories by people with disabilities and many others. Find out more about Arkbound on their website arkfound.org

Welcome to Triumph Press

Triumph Press is the latest publisher to join Vine House Distribution’s client list. They publish exciting books written by smart risk-taking people committed to a better world. More information can be found on their website www.triumphpress.co

Welcome to Startup Finance

We are pleased to welcome another new publisher to our list. Startup Finance specialise in books that support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship education research. Look out for their new titles in November – ‘Starting a Business: A Guide for Scientists’ and ‘Music Licensing for Film and Video Games’.

Welcome to Europe Books

Vine House Distribution is pleased to welcome Europe Books, a brand which has come from international network Europe Edizioni. We look forward to their bestselling international fiction and non-fiction becoming available in English.

New biblets available

We have added some new biblets to our BookWall!

You can find new content for Deleted, Only Fools and White Horses and Somerville’s War, including a reading by Sylvia Hehir, and videos from Colin Skeath and Andrew Duncan.

We hope to add some more soon. Please pay our BookWall a visit…

Welcome to Garmoran Publishing

We are pleased to welcome Garmoran Publishing to Vine House Distribution.

This new publisher brings literature from writers associated with the magical area of Garmoran in western Scotland. Their first two titles, Deleted and Only Fools & White Horses, are due in May 2020, with more to follow later in the year.


Further details on the titles can be found here.